Our facility in Pittsfield, NH allows us to house and breed hundreds of pythons in climate control rooms. 

Like many other reptile enthusiasts and breeders, I am fascinated by reptiles and have been since a very early age. During my elementary school years, I collected books about reptiles and wildlife, and watched countless hours of Animal Planet, my favorite show being The Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin. Shortly after my family moved from southern Massachusetts to central New Hampshire at age 10, my father bought me my first pet, a Leopard Gecko who I named Lenny (despite her actually being female). We found Lenny in a small, family owned pet shop about 5 minutes down the road from my father’s office. This was a great convenience for me, because I could now periodically gawk at the animals I had only previously read about in person: Argentine tegus, green anacondas, Chinese water dragons, boa constrictors, tropical fishes, iguanas. As me and my father became regular visitors of the pet shop, we got to know the owners, Steve and Stacey. Steve was a great man who spent his limited free time volunteering and helping his community, all while running a pet store and caring for several foster children. Stacey was just as selfless and kind as Steve.  

I asked Steve to let me volunteer in his shop, whether it be cleaning animal poop or tossing garbage bags in the dumpster. I just wanted to be at the shop. Here I learned the majority of my knowledge on basic reptile keeping, care, and physiology. Unfortunately, the pet shop went out of business after I had volunteered for 2 years, and Steve and Stacey moved out and on to other business endeavors.

At 14 I decided that I was going to be a reptile breeder myself. I was gifted a pair of baby piebald ball pythons and a used handmade rack system to keep them in. I would frequently visit New England Reptile Distributors, either volunteering or buying more pythons. Within a few months, I had more snakes than my rack could hold, so we began building our own. By 2016, our basement was overrun with racks, tubs and snakes, and I had many more ball python morphs in my collection: clowns, albinos, coral glows, and leucistics. The morph that I saw to make the best looking snakes and have the best selling potential was the piebald gene. The majority of my collection was pied or het pied, and still is today. Today, I have hatched over 40 clutches in my two seasons of breeding. I have added blood pythons and boa constrictors to my collection and plan to breed them in the next few years. My aim with Granite State Pythons is to create healthy and visually appealing snakes for anyone from the first time pet owner to the experienced breeder. I aim to educate my customers on all aspects of keeping reptiles, and I hope to keep spreading my passion for animals to others.

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603-998-3398             55 Barnstead Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263         granitestatepythons@gmail.com

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